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Thank you for visiting my website, I would like to share with you, my passion for photography, my interests are in Wildlife & Nature, Landscapes, Seascapes, I’m particularly keen with photographs where it involves water. Special effects, reflections, Waterfalls.

My Cameras

I’ve owned many a camera over the years from a Polaroid Instant to DSLR’s. Over the years I have been using mainly Olympus Camera, the first of which was an old Film version of the Olympus Trip. Took many a fine picture with this. I then progressed to the OM40 film. I still have both of these cameras however not taken any pictures lately. My first experience with the digital age was with a Canon Powershot A60. My days with Canon didn’t last as I went back to Olympus and the E500. I started to build up my collection of lens and equipment for the Olympus E system. In 2011 I upgraded to the Olympus E30.This year, however, I have jumped ship and purchased the new Nikon D7200 as I felt that I would have a greater choice of accessories, plus the Olympus are becoming harder to obtain due to their venture into the mirrorless market cameras.


There have been a few of inspirational characters, none more so then Arthur Edwards, He has been a friend of the family well before I was born. I suppose I started to take more of an interest when his photo’s started appearing in the Sun newspaper. My venture into wildlife though came on my 50th birthday. I attended a Big Cat Photographic workshop, where I could get closer to the subject. I’ve attended 3 more workshops since at Photographers on Safari. Lastly, another big influence for me was my old Works Manager, Jim Monk whose pictures I have the greatest admiration and respect. If you get a chance take a look at his website at www.jimmonkphotography.co.uk. I was recently given a copy of the Outdoor photography magazine. This gives a good insight into wildlife & nature as well as the great outdoor giving plenty of techniques on how to take good photos of landscapes etc. I become very envious of their featured wildlife photographer Laurie Campbell, in particular, the locations of his shoots in Scotland.


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